Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter reading

Murder. Mayhem. Who Did It? Looking for an entertaining author? Get to the local library( in between snow storms) and look for books by Edward Marston in the fiction section. You won't be disappointed. Begin with his  first book in the Railway Series " The Railway Detective". You'll meet many interesting characters, the least of whom is Inspector Colbeck. He'll transport you on a grand romp across the landscape of England in the tradition of Holmes and Watson.  It's skullduggery at its best. I'm reading the fourth book in the series, "The Iron Horse". Colbeck is investigating a disembodied head discovered on a passenger train. Gruesome but fun to read.  Go get it!

Friday, January 28, 2011


I think the GREEN BAY PACKERS will win the Super Bowl. Back to the glory days of Lombardi. The game could be played in the cold and snow. Two tough teams. I predict the score to be: Green bay 31 Pittsburg 21. Join me making your choice in the poll. 


HI EVERYONE - Well it is Tom Turkey here writing on my new blog - I hope you all enjoy reading whatever it is I have to say from time to time when I blog it out right here on Tom The Thinker.
Tom K.